Art Classes

Fall 2018 Classes

Hand Bookbinding
Instructor: Trish Crapo
Dates:  Nov. 4, 11 & 18
Days: Sundays, 
1:30 to 4 p.m.
Cost: $165, including materials
A blank book can inspire (and sometimes terrify) you, as you make your way through first drafts of stories or poems, engage in personal journaling, sketching, or compiling mementos from your life. A book you make yourself can bring even more power to these tasks. Learn the foundational skills for creating accordion books, simple stitched pamphlets, Japanese stab-bound books, hardcover multiple-signature books, and a hard-bound portfolio. Plenty of samples will be available to spark your imagination. Feel free to bring papers, fabrics, ribbons or embellishments that you might want to incorporate into your books. Register now!

Ceramics: Tilemaking for Adults
Instructor: Deborah Bazer
Dates: Begins Nov. 6, runs for 8 weeks
Days: Tuesdays, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.
Cost: $200 materials included
Come explore the wonderfully rich world of tiles in a playful, nurturing environment of beginning and advanced adult students. Learn about the history of tiles by creating them through a variety of techniques that have been used for centuries. Preparation of clay slabs for underglaze and slip application will be taught as well as raised relief carving, inlay, sgraffito and glazing techniques. All work will be fired throughout the session to enable learning about the process from soft clay to finished fired work. Register now!

Kids Art Stories
Instructor: Deborah Bazer
Dates: Begins Nov. 7, runs for 8 weeks
Days: Wednesdays, 4 to 5:30 p.m.
Cost: $190 materials included
Mixed media class for ages 5-9. Looking at the art work of beloved children’s book illustrators such as Alisa Kleven, Leo Lionni , Lois Elhert, and Ezra Jack Keats we’ll then create our own two and three dimensional art work using  home made textured paper and found objects. We will tell our own stories through collage, painting drawing and sculpture. Register now!

Cartooning for Kids
Instructor: Lahri Bond
Dates: Begins Nov. 7, 8 weeks
Days: Wednesdays, 4 to 5:30 p.m.
Cost: $190 materials included
For ages 6 -10. While The Avengers, Wonder Woman, Spiderman, and Guardians of the Galaxy capture the imagination in popular movies and cartoons, their origins are in the simple line drawings, and fertile imaginations of young artists. We will explore the art of visual storytelling, beginning with learning to draw some of our favorite cartoon and comic characters, before inventing our own. Drawing instruction includes the use of pencil, inking, and coloring techniques to illustrate multi-paneled stories. We will also make our own masks, symbols, utility belts, and super-gear to become the actual superheroes we have drawn. Register now!

Teens: Comic Books, Graphic Novels and Fantastical Drawing
Instructor: Lahri Bond
Dates: Begins Nov. 7, 8 weeks
Days: Wednesdays, 5:30 to 7 p.m.
Cost: $190 materials included

For ages 11 and up. Always wanted to make create a comic or graphic novel? Now is your chance. Over the course of eight weeks, students will learn how to focus their wild ideas into imaginative storytelling, while sharpening their skills in penciling, inking, coloring and alternative rendering techniques. All forms of stories are encouraged, from traditional super heroes and humorous tales, to realistic fiction and experimental storytelling. Original ideas and student collaboration will be fostered. Methods of publication and portfolio building will also be covered. Register now!

Visual Storytelling for Adults
Instructor: Lahri Bond
Dates: Begins Nov. 7, 8 weeks
Days: Wednesdays, 7:30 to 9 p.m.
Cost: $190 materials included

Are you interested in making a children’s book, creating a graphic novel, or  just telling a story in pictures? This class is designed to get those kinds of projects organized, started and well on the road to completion. Students will share their fantastical ideas for stories, and then be advised and guided on the best approaches to take. Of the course of eight weeks, demonstrations and instruction will be given in pencil and inking techniques, painting using watercolor, gouache and colored inks, as well as airbrush, collage, digital and alternative rendering methods. Students will work on their individual visual stories in class, with the instructor advising what are the best methods to render their creations. Methods of publication and portfolio building will also be covered. Register now!

Ceramics: Hand Building for Adults
Instructor: Rhonda Wainshilbaum
Dates: October 15 – January 21
Days: Mondays, 7 to 8:30 p.m.
Cost: $220, including supplies

Clay is easy, relaxing, forgiving and fun to use. Learn coil, slab, pinch and several decorating techniques. Make functional and sculptural objects you will treasure for years. We will make animals garden sculptures, painted and carved platters, toad houses, mugs and more. No experience necessary. Register now!

Pastel Studio  
Instructor: Becky Clark
Dates: September 13 – December 20
Day: Thursdays (no class on Thanksgiving, November 22)
Studio I: 1-3pm *Currently Full*
Ages: 18 and up
Cost: $335, including all supplies

This studio is for both experienced pastel artists as well as people new to the medium, or any art, for that matter. No experience necessary! We will have weekly topics that you may choose to follow, or spin off on your own work.

If you’re fascinated with vibrant color and line work, and want to carve out some time to work with a new medium, Becky will introduce you to the immediate gratification of pastel. This class will allow you to explore subjects while building skill and confidence in your handling of the medium.

For beginners and for those with drawing experience, the sessions will include drawing exercises and opportunities to create finished artworks. They will also offer an open environment of sharing knowledge and posing questions with individual attention. Experienced pastel artists may work on their own, with as much input and feedback as wanted.

Topics for class discussions include composition, value ranges, perspective, color, and light. If you work from photographs or already have sketches or objects you wish to work with, please bring those along, and if you have your own materials you’re welcome to use them. All materials will be supplied. Register now!