Summer Classes 2018


Music Together
Instructor: Lui Collins of Upside-Up Music
Dates: April 4 – June 6
Day: Wednesdays 
Time: 10 am
Ages: birth through 5 with parent or caregiver
Cost: $190 tuition (includes all materials) plus $10 new family registration fee
Register: Early-bird registration with $10 discount through March 6 on  Final registration deadline March 27.  Financial aid is available as needed, please ask.  Questions?  Call Lui at (413) 628-0197 or email Please note that registration for this class will not be completed directly through Artspace. 

Tuition includes :
10 weeks of class, 45-minutes each
2 CDs for use at home and in the car, with songs, play-along music, tonal and rhythm patterns, and rhythmic chants, all pitched in the right range for a child’s voice
Songbook with illustrations and activities
Access to Music Together’s Family Music Zone® for additional song downloads and activities, and downloads of songs into the free app Hello Everybody! for iPhone and Android.
Music and Your Child: A Guide for Parents and Caregivers, parents’ guide for families new to Music Together®
Parent Education

All children are musical!  All they need to develop their innate musical aptitude is a rich environment with freedom to explore and learn through play.  Each class immerses the child in singing, large and small movement, instrument play, free dance, all in a nurturing community of families who want to give their children the lifelong gift of music.  Music Together is research-based to provide the child with a solid musical foundation on which later formal study will build.  In this mixed-age class, all teaching is informal so it’s developmentally appropriate – and fun! – for children from birth through 5.  Each child (and adult) participates at their own level through observation and play.

Crash Course in Pastels
Instructor: Becky Clark
Dates: May 31-June 21
Day: Thursday
Time: 1 pm – 3 pm
Ages: Adult
Cost: $90.00
If you’re fascinated with vibrant color and line work, and want to carve out some time to work with a new medium, Becky will introduce you to the immediate gratification of pastel. This class will allow you to explore subjects while building skill and confidence in your handling of the medium. For beginners and those with drawing experience, the sessions will include drawing exercises and opportunities to create finished artworks and offers an open environment of sharing knowledge and posing questions with individual attention. Topics for class discussions include composition, value ranges, perspective, color and light. In a relatively short time span we will touch on some of the most important aspects of mastering pastels. This can also be a continuation of the studio classes held during the year. Register now!

Travel Watercolor Sketching
Instructor: Deborah Rubin
Dates: July 9-13
Time: 9 am -12 pm
Age: 14 and up
Cost: $170.00
Travel to various places in and around Greenfield to learn how to create small pen & ink with watercolor sketches in a small journal. You supply your own materials: small watercolor journals no bigger than 5×7 plus 3 brushes and hard pan watercolors. It’s easy and great fun! Register now!

Music Theory & Composition
Instructor: Heather Sommerlad
Dates: July 16-20
Time: 2-5 pm
Ages: 8 and up
Cost: $170.00
Do you want to know more about how music works? In this class, students will learn about reading music in various clefs, key signatures, how key signatures relate to the construction of scales and modes, intervals, basic chords, basic chord progressions, and music composition. Play ear training games and learn fun and useful concepts that will help you with any instrument, singing, and writing your own music! Register now!

Advanced String Intensive
Dates: July 16-20
Time: 9 am-12 pm
Cost: FREE for all returning SFK students. $170.00 for students not participating in SFK.
For students of any age who have been playing violin, viola, cello, or bass for at least a year. This weeklong program is an excellent opportunity for students to brush up on skills they learned during the school year, play fun music in large and small ensembles, and make new friends. Register now!

2D Drawing, Painting, and Collage
Instructor: Karen Gaudette
Dates: July 23-27
Time: 9 am-12 pm
Ages: 9-12
Cost: $170.00
In this class, students will improve their drawing and observation skills in addition to their imaginations. They will learn how to draw realistically using a grid, create a playful collage using colorful papers that they decorate and make a vibrant painting with liquid watercolors. Dress for a mess! Register now!

3D Sculpture: Fantasy Creatures and Mythical Beings
Instructor: Karen Gaudette
Dates: July 30-August 3
Time: 9 am-12 pm
Ages: 9-12
Cost: $170.00
In this class students will work with a variety of supplies including paris kraft(plaster bandages), polymer clay and soft linoleum. They will carve and print a dragon block print inspired by European and Asian dragons in addition to building and painting a decorative mask of a creature from Greek mythology. A smaller ornament size relief sculpture will be created out of clay. Dress for a mess! Register now!

Painting Summer Flowers in Watercolor
Instructor: Deborah Rubin
Date: August 4-5
Time: 9 am – 4 pm, with lunch break
Ages: Ages 14 and up
Cost: $140.00
Spend the weekend learning several watercolor techniques to create 2 or 3 paintings. Learn to use intense bright colors as well as more traditional pastel colors; wet on dry paper, wet on wet, and some dry brush. Please bring a lunch and watercolor supplies if you have them.Register now!

Creative Writing Workshop
Instructor: Amy Laprade
Dates: August 6, 8, & 10 (Mon, Wed, Fri)
Time: 9 am-12 pm
Ages: 12-18
Cost: $100.00
This class has been canceled due to low enrollment.
In this fun, hands-on, generative writing class, students will have the opportunity to express themselves creatively through the written word in a relaxed setting―and to explore literary devices used in poetry and fiction through a series of writing activities. They will be given a variety of prompts: photos, images, text from magazines, poems, song lyrics, etc, to guide them into three 15 minute free writes. The kind of writing students come away with is solely up to them, be it poems, flash fiction pieces, character sketches, journal entries or stream of conscience. They will also be given a 15 minute writing exercise on the use of descriptive language, use of metaphors and similes, etc.

Following the free writes and exercises, all students will have the opportunity to share their writing with the group. The group will then discuss what is memorable and strong about the piece. Each student will be encouraged to articulate what he/she observed about the writing. Criticism, constructive or otherwise will not be included in these sessions, given that the writing is new. Moreover, the aim is to provide a safe, non-competitive atmosphere that honors imagination and creative risk-taking over scholastic ability.

At the end of this series, students will be invited to submit their strongest piece of writing to be published in a blog. Amy will transcribe and proofread the writing beforehand (outside of class time).

All voices and writing styles are encouraged. No previous workshop experience necessary. No previous awards or publications needed to join. Just being your enthusiasm and curiosity! Register now!

Craft Potpourri
Instructor: Rhonda Wainshilbaum
Date: August 6-10
Time: 9 am-12 pm
Ages: 6-13
Cost: $170.00

Make intricate, dazzling jewelry and sculptures with Sculpey, clay pottery, a batiked pillow, a collaged mirror, and a mosaic flower pot or stepping stone. Projects will reflect students’ interests. Register now!

Beginning String Intensive
Dates: August 13-17
Time: 9 am-12 pm
Ages: Any age, although the class is geared toward third graders.
Cost: FREE for all beginning Strings For Kids students. $170.00 for students not participating in SFK.
For students who have never played violin or cello and would like to learn. This class is a requisite for all rising third graders who will be participating in Strings For Kids in the Greenfield Public Schools in the fall of 2017. Students will be introduced to their instrument, learn several songs, and get to know other students who will be participating in the Strings For Kids program. The week will culminate in a performance for family and friends Friday, August 17, in Energy Park. Register now!