Faculty Spotlight

Faculty Spotlight: Becky Clark

Welcome to the very first Faculty Spotlight Friday! Today, meet our pastel teacher, Becky Clark. Becky teaches both advanced and beginning pastel classes at Artspace, and each spring her advanced students’ work is featured in an exhibit in the Artspace gallery.

How did you get into art?
I have always loved doing art; my earliest memories of receiving joy from my creations came in first grade. I had a strict, old fashioned teacher but when she picked my Thanksgiving drawing to be on the classroom door I was over the moon. And this was on the hallway side, so everyone would see it, even the big kids, teachers and other people’s parents! That wasn’t lost on me even then.

Why do you make art? What do you love about it?
Doing art soothes my soul, in the same way my daily Chi Gong practice soothes me as well. When I first sit down at my drawing table I experience such a feeling of coming home.

Do you have any favorite artistic experiences or memories?
See the first grade memory above. Another memory is from summer camp in the Berkshires. I did not shine at archery or horseback riding but I did with my drawing. Soon girls in my cabin were asking me for pictures, what a high!

Any creative projects you’re working on currently, or that you’ve completed recently?
I have been working on a pastel series for about 18 years now. The reason I do a series is I fear staring at a blank paper and not having a clue. With a series, as I resolve a drawing it often informs the next drawing with just a few lines. I try to make sure that happens each time. Sometimes when other things in my life take precedence I have carried those lines in my head for weeks and months if I wasn’t able to get them on paper. I’m currently on drawing # 315.

What’s one thing you love doing besides making art?
One thing…that’s hard. But I love my flower garden right now!