Faculty Spotlight

Faculty Spotlight: Deborah Rubin

It’s Faculty Spotlight Friday again! Meet our watercolor teacher, Deborah Rubin. This summer, Deborah is teaching Travel Watercolor Sketching the week of July 24th.

How did you get into art?
I was born an artist and musician. Doing things since I was able to use my hands. My mom says I strung beads with a big blunt needle when I was 1 1/2. I’m not sure I believe her! I never had choices to make about a career. It was there from day one.

Why do you make art?
I do art because if I don’t, I feel incomplete. Restless. Not centered. It gives me my peace of mind.

Do you have any favorite artistic experiences or memories?
I have too many art memories, many funny or ironic, but I won’t go there.

Any creative projects you’re working on currently, or that you’ve completed recently?
I’m finishing up my second commissioned painting of water lilies, 30 x 40, for a client at a gallery that represents me in Miami. It was challenging to paint 2 water lily paintings…each had to be different but compliment each other. I’m going to take a break after I finish them and do some plein air watercolors.

What’s one thing you love doing besides making art?
Besides art, I love music which I’ve been doing along with my art from an early age. Until high school, I was unsure if I’d major in music or art in college. Art won out but I still play music and sing.