Faculty Spotlight

Faculty Spotlight: Eric Lemm

Happy Faculty Spotlight Friday! This week, meet our guitar teacher Eric Lemm.

How did you get into music?
Growing up there was always a loud radio on in the house.  Specifically 93XRT out of Chicago.   And the music wasn’t just loud, but it had a sort of stereo effect about it, because it was pumping out of the kitchen, living room, a little radio up stairs, then at it’s highest level out of the garage!  My house growing up was a full restoration effort and my parents were the people doing the work.  They needed the power of music. My brother also cranked out music from his room in an effort to drown out all that music from the rest of the house, so I got to listen to his tastes, too!  I was very lucky to have gotten a budget guitar when I was 14, and a few months of lessons after that to get me started.  Since then, it has been exploration and practice practice practice.  

Why do you make music?  What do you love about it?
I make music because It’s a lot of fun! It is a great way to express, create, and make friends.  You can paint any kind of picture you’d like with musical notes.  

Do you have any favorite musical experiences or memories?
I was honored to meet and set up microphones for Arlo Guthrie as part of a music internship at an Opera House in Stoughton, WI.  

What’s one thing you love doing besides making music?
One thing I love doing besides music is to grow vegetables and or dig in the dirt. Mud fight anyone?