Faculty Spotlight

Faculty Spotlight: Til Lalezar

Vida Tayebati
Grace Booth
Tone Lorenzen

Happy Faculty Spotlight Friday! Meet the ladies of Til Lalezar Theatre: Vida Tayebati, Grace Booth, and Tone Lorenzen! They recently teamed up with Artspace to offer theatre classes this summer, including a Physical Theatre Workshop from July 3-7.

Why do you make art? What do you love about it?
We believe that art crosses the borders and gives us a chance to see the world from new perspectives.

Any creative projects you’re working on currently, or that you’ve completed recently?
We are currently collaborating with Joan Schirle, Founding Director of Dell’Arte International, in the creation of a site-specific performance in the harbors in Denmark. Norwegian artist Marit Benthe Norheim has built floating sculptures of concrete (12m long), which will sail with skippers and crew in Denmark and on the European rivers and canals. The boats are a three-part portrait of womanhood in various universal stages and states and will become “floating culture houses.” My Ship is Loaded with Longing, with Life and with Memories.

What’s one thing you love doing besides making art?
Travel around the world and learn about new cultures.