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Summer Intensives 2017: Weeklong Music Classes

Hand Drumming
Instructor: Phil Teahen
Dates: July 3-7 (4 day class–no class July 4th)
Time: 9 am-12 pm
Cost: $135.00

Beginner Guitar Intensive
Dates: July 10-14
Time: 9am-12pm
Instructor: Karl Rausch
Ages: 8-12
Fee: $170.00

Learning how to read notes and play simple Major, Minor and Dom. 7th chords. During the week students learn notes on each string of the guitar and play songs together using melodies and chords. The week ends with a brief group performance of songs students have learned in class.

Music Theory-How do they do that?!
Instructor: Heather Sommerlad
Dates: July 10-14
Time: 9am-12pm
Ages: 8 and up
Fee: $170.00

Do you want to know more about how music works? In this class, students will learn about reading music in various clefs, key signatures, how key signatures relate to the construction of scales and modes, intervals, basic chords, basic chord progressions, and music composition. Play ear training games and learn fun and useful concepts that will help you with any instrument, singing, and writing your own music!

Advanced String Intensive
Dates: July 17-21
Time: 9 am-12 pm
Cost: FREE for all returning SFK students. $170.00 for students not participating in SFK.

For students who have been playing violin, viola, cello (or bass?) for at least 9? months. This weeklong program is an excellent opportunity for students to brush up on skills they learned during the school year, play fun music in large and small ensembles, and make new friends.

Beginning String Intensive
Dates: August 14-18
Time: 9 am-12 pm
Cost: FREE for all beginning Strings For Kids students. $170.00 for students not participating in SFK.

For students who have never played violin or cello and would like to learn. This class is a requisite for all rising third graders who will be participating in Strings For Kids in the Greenfield Public Schools in the fall of 2017. Students will be introduced to their instrument, learn several songs, and get to know other students who will be participating in the Strings For Kids program. The week will culminate in a performance for family and friends Friday, August 18, in Energy Park.

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