SFK- 3rd Grade Page

Tuning- Violin/Cello

Week of 3/30 (Week 25) Practice List:
Homework sheet- violin, cello– once you’re done, take a picture and email it to us!

Pick 2 Setup Exercises- Bow and/or Violin/Cello

Bow Hold Review- Violin/Cello

Practice D Major Scale- Violin/Cello

Book Page 27- Dotted Rhythm Study- Violin/Cello

Book Page 27- Going Home- Violin/Cello

Listen to this beautiful version of the New World Symphony- can you hear the “Going Home” Theme in it?

Book Page 27- London Bridge- Violin/Cello

Book Page 25- Review #76- Can Can- Violin/Cello

Review one of the “By Ear” Pieces*

Try the Second Part of Song of the Wind- Violin/Cello

Review Tricky Part of Song of the Wind- Violin/Cello

Review the Beginning of Song of the Wind- Violin/Cello

Violins Only

Cellos- Try French Folk Song starting on 4 fingers on the D string instead of the A string, and a G Major Scale (starting on open G).

Anything else you want to play?

Beginner Ensemble Students– Watch this video, and download this music- violin, cello

*If you need to review any of the parts of the “By Ear” pieces, you’ll find them here:

FYI- SFK teachers will be holding “office hours” via zoom as follows:

Mondays with Julie at 3:30

Meeting ID: 999 340 501
Password: 439977

Tuesdays with Rafe at 3  

Meeting ID is 356-725-353
Password is 342024

Wednesdays with Allyson at 5
Meeting ID: 617-957-298

Come check in with us if your child needs help with anything, if you’re having trouble with tuning, or if you have any questions you need answered…or if they just want to hang out and play some music!