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Tuning- Violin/Cello

This Week’s Listening Assignment

At Strings for Kids we recognize and value that there are musicians (well-known, just starting and everything in between), of a wide range of skin colors and we stand in grief and solidarity with our brothers and sisters of color, not just in these times, but always. If you have not heard of Black Violin, please check them out. They are AMAZING! Read more about them here.

This week and next week, we’ll focus on preparing the music for our Concert on June 6th at 11am!

  1. Each student will need to make a short video (1 minute or less) of a song they’d like to share. Some guidelines for making the videos can be found here.
  2. Each student will also need to make a video of the group concert piece. Please be sure to make your recording while listening to this on headphones. Ode to Joy #64 in Book violin/cello.
  3. Each student will need to Practice/review the following music For the Play-Along Portion of the ConcertFrom the book– Autumn (titled Spring in the violin book) #74, Old MacDonald #108,  London Bridge #84, Can-Can #77, Are You Sleeping #66, (All sheet music is found here- violin/cello) and By Ear Pieces– Twinkle- Violin/Cello (Parts for Review- Violin/Cello), French Folk Song- Violin/Cello (Parts for Review- Violin/Cello), Lightly Row- Violin/Cello (Parts for Review- Violin/Cello), Song of the Wind- Violin/Cello (Parts for Review- Violin/Cello), Go Tell Aunt Rhody Violin/Cello (Parts for Review- (Violin/Cello). Students can practice playing along with the videos for each song on this playlist.

Please note that ALL videos need to be sent in by June 1st!

NoteReading Website

Test your Note Knowledge!



By Ear Pieces

Book Pages

Page 14

Page 15

Page 16

  • Scotland’s Burning- Cello

Page 17

Page 18

Camptown Races- Cello

Page 24

Page 25

Page 26

Page 27

Page 29

Page 31

Page 32-33

Page 35

  • Old MacDonald- Cello
  • Sweet Betsy From Pike- Cello
  • Froggie Goes A Courtin’- Cello

For fun, try this play along video of “Fight Song”

Homework Sheets

Once you’re done, take a picture and email it to us!

Beginning Ensemble


I picked this recording of Leila Josefowicz playing Preludium and Allegro because it was one of the most inspirational videos that propelled me into a career in music! I was so obsessed with this piece of music and begged my violin teachers to let me learn it! I finally played it for the first time in 4th grade. -Allyson
This week, I was in the mood for some powerhouse cello playing, and Jacqueline DuPre is known for that. This is an amazing piece, performed by a brilliant cellist- it’s so fun to watch the way she moves when she plays! If you want to see the whole thing (the second movement has some of the fastest cello playing you’ll ever see!), you can do so here. Enjoy! -Julie
Stuff Smith et al 1965 Rosetta
“Stuff” Smith was one of the most famous jazz violinists, he played and recorded from the 1930’s through the 1960’s. Someone gave me a CD of his music when I was in middle school and starting to try to play jazz on the violin. Still one of my biggest inspirations. Here he is playing with some other jazz greats, almost at the end of his career. -Rafe
I found a great version of Also Sprach Zarathustra presented by my home orchestra, Cincinnati Symphony at their Lumenocity summer concert series! -Allyson
Find the passage that’s all harmonics.
Can you hear the Shepherd’s Pipe theme?
Do you recognize any of the themes in this piece?