SFK- 4th Grade Page

Tuning- Violin/Cello

Week of 3/30 (Week 25) Practice List:

Listening Assignment- Dvorak “New World” Symphony, do you recognize any of the themes in this piece?

Setup Check-

Scale- F Major – Book Page 20

Review one of the “By Ear” pieces *

Work on Cluck Old Hen- Violin/Cello

Work on Interval Studies (pg 24)- Violin/Cello

Try Bicycle Built for Two (pg 24)- Violin/Cello

Try Looby Loo (pg 24)- Violin/Cello

Review La Raspa (pg 22)- Violin/Cello

Anything else you want to play?

*If you need help on any of the “By Ear” Songs, here are all the parts:

– new video for this week

James Bond Theme- sheet music (violin 1 and 2, find your page), cello part, NEW! All parts together

Violins Teaching Video, Violin 1 part, Violin 2 part

Cello Teaching Video, James Bond Part

Cellos- G major Scale, e minor scale

FYI- SFK teachers will be holding “office hours” via zoom as follows:

Mondays with Julie at 3:30

Meeting ID: 999 340 501
Password: 439977

Tuesdays with Rafe at 3  

Meeting ID is 356-725-353
Password is 342024

Wednesdays with Allyson at 5
Meeting ID: 617-957-298

Come check in with us if your child needs help with anything, if you’re having trouble with tuning, or if you have any questions you need answered…or if they just want to hang out and play some music!