is in its 9th year in the Greenfield Public Schools!

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Week of 3/27:
 A piece of music for a soloist accompanied by an orchestra is called a _________.

Answer: concerto
Here’s a famous violin concerto.

Week of 4/3:
What style of music did J.S. Bach write?

Answer: Baroque (this is the name for the style of music written approximately between 1600 and 1750)
Want to know what Baroque music sounds like? Listen to one of Bach’s famous cello pieces here.


MARCH 2017

PIONEER VALLEY SYMPHONY has a concert on Sat. April 1, 7:30pm, at GHS. This concert is FREE to all SFK students, and features a TUBA concerto! For more information, please visit

ADVANCED STRING INTENSIVE will be the week of July 17-21. Sign up now, in person at Artspace, on the phone (call 772-6811), or online! It’s free to all SFK students and is open to ALL string players.

SPRING RECITAL:  Save the date! Our spring recital will be on Sunday, May 21st at All Souls Church. We will announce the official time closer to the date, but please plan for it being early afternoon.

FEDERAL STREET SCHOOL CONCERT Federal Street Strings For Kids will be performing on March 30th at the school’s instrumental music concert. There will be an in school performance that day, so please remember to bring your instrument and music! There will also be a performance that evening at 6:30 pm. Please report to the school gym by 6 pm.

Heather Sommerlad
SFK Director and Instructor

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