Writing Classes

Summer 2018

Creative Writing Workshop
Instructor: Amy Laprade
Dates: August 6, 8, & 10 (Mon, Wed, Fri)
Time: 9 am-12 pm
Ages: 12-18
Cost: $100.00
This class has been canceled due to low enrollment.
In this fun, hands-on, generative writing class, students will have the opportunity to express themselves creatively through the written word in a relaxed setting―and to explore literary devices used in poetry and fiction through a series of writing activities. They will be given a variety of prompts: photos, images, text from magazines, poems, song lyrics, etc, to guide them into three 15 minute free writes. The kind of writing students come away with is solely up to them, be it poems, flash fiction pieces, character sketches, journal entries or stream of conscience. They will also be given a 15 minute writing exercise on the use of descriptive language, use of metaphors and similes, etc.

Following the free writes and exercises, all students will have the opportunity to share their writing with the group. The group will then discuss what is memorable and strong about the piece. Each student will be encouraged to articulate what he/she observed about the writing. Criticism, constructive or otherwise will not be included in these sessions, given that the writing is new. Moreover, the aim is to provide a safe, non-competitive atmosphere that honors imagination and creative risk-taking over scholastic ability.

At the end of this series, students will be invited to submit their strongest piece of writing to be published in a blog. Amy will transcribe and proofread the writing beforehand (outside of class time).

All voices and writing styles are encouraged. No previous workshop experience necessary. No previous awards or publications needed to join. Just being your enthusiasm and curiosity! Register now!