Art Classes

Adult Classes

Vision, Perception and Art: An Exploration of Visual Media
Instructor: Lahri Bond
Wednesday 6:30-7:30pm, 6 weeks 10/28-12/2 (no class 11/25)
Tuition: $90
Through a series of lively PowerPoint supported lectures and discussions via Zoom, we will explore the mechanics of vision and the enigma of perception. We will learn how the human eye works, how it connects to our brain and how these along with our other senses inform our perception of the world. We will look at the how we understand color, and explore how art, photography, electronic and digital mediums have evolved and continue to influence all we take in visually. Each class will feature a 45-minute presentation, with a 15-minute Q&A, and discussion session afterwards. Come join us for this unique series, that very well may change the very way you see.
–No additional materials necessary
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Teen Classes

Poetry: Cover to Cover
Instructor: Michayla Robertson-Pine
Tuesday 4:45-5:45pm, 6 weeks 12/1-1/5
Tuition: $100
–Have you ever thought about sewing a sentence with thread? Or collaging a poem into the map of New York City? Or recombining the words in a magazine to tell a different story? In Cover to Cover, we will experiment with the overlap between visual art and creative writing! Students will learn techniques for writing and revising their own poetry and will hand bind their very own artist’s books. Each class will focus on a different poetic form. These forms will include blackout poetry, found poetry, word collage, and more! We will then think as poets and artists as we design and construct our books. If you love to write or draw or paint or embroider or arrange your bananagrams letters into weird shapes, this is the place for you!
–Course Material Package to be picked up by student at Artspace before class begins
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You’ve Got Mail! Introduction to Artistamps and Mail Art
Instructor: Sofia Canale-Parole
Monday 4-5, 10 weeks, 11/2-1/4
Tuition: $150
–Students will be introduced to the history of mail art, a collaborative art form dating back to the 1960’s, and create their own mail art network. Media commonly used in mail art includes postcards, collages of found or recycled images and objects, rubber stamps, artist-created postal stamps (called artistamps), and paint, but can also include music, sound art, poetry, or anything else that can be put in an envelope and sent via post. This course will center around honing mixed media skills, practicing different forms of creative writing, and emphasize community building in a time of social isolation.
–Student Responsibility: $20-$30; required: notebook of choice, pencil or pen, gluestick, scissors, collage materials (NatGeo/old magazines), envelopes, clear packing tape, a book of stamps; optional: mixed media bits and bobs (glitter, beads, feathers, etc.), rubber stamps, paint, fun stickers.
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Introduction to Chapbook Making
Instructor: Ell Davis
Tuesday 5:30-6:30, 8 weeks, 11/3-12/22

Tuition: $140
– This course is a brief introduction in to techniques of bookmaking and self-publishing. Chapbooks are like trading cards for poets. Sometimes I think of our self-published and small-press books as a web that winds around us poets and helps us to build relationships, community, and memory. Participants will learn about the history of chapbooks and be guided through the process of producing two handmade notebooks and a chapbook in an edition of 25. Our practice will also lead us to investigate questions about the book itself, its history and contemporary nature, especially in regard to its entanglement with capitalism. We will cover editing, design, layout, printing, and simple hand sewn bindings. Students will gain concrete skills in working with InDesign. There may be an optional module of paper marbling, or advanced binding techniques depending on student interests. This class is intended for people with no publishing experience.
–Material package necessary for pick-up at Artspace before the first class
–Student Responsibility: $5-30; required: cover paper; optional: watercolor paints, cornstarch, toothpicks, plastic bin, oil paints
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Kids Classes

One-Day Workshops

Previously Offered Courses

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Paper & Book Art
Instructor: LJ Boswell
Tuesday 10-12 pm, 6 weeks 10/13-11/16

–Create practical paper art with your own personal flare. The first class will start with how to make your own envelopes and basic cards. Then we’ll move on to more complicated cards and finish with art books. By the end, you’ll have created a couple unique cards and envelopes and a wonderful memory book or special journal for your own use or to give as personalized hand-made gifts!
–Because this class is on Zoom rather than in person, this class is for students who have some basic spatial ability to follow folding instructions similar to origami.
Tuition: $185
–Course Material Package to be picked up by student at Artspace before class begins
–Student Responsibility: $0-$25; scissors, glue stick, various paper for cards, envelopes, book covers (instructor will provide exact list)

Personal Mandalas in the Time of Covid
Instructor: LJ Boswell
Thursday 7-8pm, 6 weeks 10/15-11/19
Tuition: $90
–Create your own series of simple, non-geometric mandalas that symbolize what you need to remember in this moment of your life. Through guided meditation and centering music, explore your inner voice and allow it to inform the design you create. Then, relax in quiet meditative contemplation of coloring, painting, collaging your own mandalas. Each class will end with an optional sharing of your personal mandala. No matter your level of artist skill, you may be surprised at what emerges when you allow yourself to relax into creative flow.
–Student Responsiblity: $0-$25; required: sketchbook/journal, color drawing materials of your choice; optional (if you like to draw with precision): compass, ruler, protractor, templates for shapes

Art Journals
Instructor: LJ Boswell
Thursday 4:00-5:30pm, 6 weeks 10/15-11/19
Tuition: $135
–Discover the wisdom of your own inner landscape and the power of art to help you process life. Art can mirror back to you your inner state and help you reflect and gain new perspectives. Each class will begin with a check in, a quick lesson on a different artistic practice, followed by time to create and talk. All levels welcome, as the focus is on contemplation, artistic expression, and creative exploration rather than product.
–Student Responsibility: $0-$20; unlined journal or sketchbook, any other materials students are comfortable and familiar with for creating 2D art

Apart, Together
Instructor: Michayla Robertson-Pine
Tuesday 4:00-5:30 pm, 6 weeks 10/13-11/16
Tuition: $135
–Calling all dancers! actors! filmmakers! How can we perform together in a time of social distance? How can we collaborate and stay connected when we’re all stuck in our houses? In “Apart, Together” we will use our homes and nearby locations to create site-specific theater. We will focus on how to see our “mundane” and “normal” spaces as places for art making, and learn how to listen and discover a story from within the place itself. As a group we will find the similarities and differences in our spaces to build one cohesive piece that we will film and edit together! Emphasis will be placed on collaborative story building, scene structure, and community.
–No additional materials necessary

Fun with Faces (suggested ages 9-13)
Instructor: LJ Boswell
Tuesday 4-5pm, 6 weeks 10/13-11/16
Tuition: $90
–While every face is different, they all share certain common features. In this class we’ll have fun creating faces as we learn about what they all have in common and how to make each one look unique. Each week students will create fun drawings from their imagination (not from real life) using collage, pens, and pencils.
–Student Responsibility: $10-$20; scissors, pencil, pencil sharpener, drawing paper, marker set (instructor will provide exact list); optional: oil pastel set & fixative

Drawing Expressive Faces
Instructor: LJ Boswell
Tuesday 7-8 pm, 6 weeks 10/13-11/16
Tuition: $90
–Have you ever wanted to capture an expression when you are drawing a face? The key to drawing expressive faces is first to understand the basic anatomy of the face and then play with exaggeration, shape and/or color. To that end, students in this class will both learn the basics of proportions of the facial features, how faces change with different angles and different emotions, and then play with drawing expressive faces within these rules. Please note that this class is not about portraiture or capturing a realistic image, rather students will experiment with their imagination and creative expression to capture a personality or mood.
–Student Responsibility: $0-$25; required: pencil & paper; optional: sketchbook and any other materials students are comfortable and familiar with for creating 2D art

Drawing from Within
Instructor: LJ Boswell
Wednesday 7-8 pm, 6 weeks, 10/14-12/2 (no class 11/4, 11/26)
Tuition: $90
–Never thought you could draw? Want to improve your basic skills? Through guided intuitive exercises that remove the pressure of recreating a replica, students will explore line, shape, shading, composition and form. In a supportive and encouraging environment, it’s amazing what freeing up the imagination can create as you develop your skills and confidence.
–Student Responsibility: $15-$25; sketchbook, pencil drawing set, pencil sharpener, drawing paper (instructor will provide exact list)


1, 2, 3 Draw! (suggested ages 6-10)
Instructor: LJ Boswell
Wednesday 12:15-1:15 pm, 6 weeks 10/14-12/2 (no class 11/11, 11/26)
Tuition: $90
–In this class, children will have fun learning to draw! With a combination of warmup activities, drawing games and lessons that teach how to see shapes, students will recreate what they see and fill the page with a composition. After the first class in which students play with line, shape and composition, the remaining five classes will each focus on learning to draw one subject based on students’ interest (eg. birds, insects, houses, trees, mammals, etc). By the end of 6 weeks, students will have gained confidence in looking at a picture and drawing their own version of what they see.
–Student Responsibility: $10-$15; pencil and pencil sharpener, drawing paper, markers and/or color pencils (instructor will provide exact list)

Family Collages
Instructor: LJ Boswell
Saturday 10/24, 10-12pm
Tuition: $55 per family
–Designed specifically for adults and their children to work together, families in this class will create a family collage. This is not only an chance to spend time together, the process of creating your family collage will be an opportunity to visually represent who you are as a family: your values, the challenges you are facing, what is important to you, and your strengths. It is a way to lift up, strengthen and celebrate your family unit.
–Course Material Package to be picked up by student at Artspace before class begins
–Student Responsibility: $0-$10; scissors, glue stick (or tape), drawing implements (crayons, markers, pens, pencils, etc.), optional collage materials (family photos, magazine photos, ribbons, random materials that have interesting textures, etc.)